I do widely different works of graphics design. Roughly my works can be divided as follows:


Company profiles, logos, company’s visual message etc. I highly recommend my customers to do this if they don’t have a documented company profile so far. The output of branding service is a Brand manual, which includes all the necessary guidelines for high quality visuals.

Web Design

Web design has been an essential part of my job. The basis for web design consists of its purpose, target groups, easy and appropriate user interface and the visuality of the customer.

Print design

Printed marketing or information materials, such as brochures, rollups, magazine advertisements, business cards etc. Manuals and guides are often essential part of products. I’ve got a long experience from different manuals. I always design them considering reader’s point of view.

Publication design and layout

I’ve had cooperation with Wanhat kirjat -publisher for years. My covers have been in appr. 20 published books, some of which I also designed and laid out between covers. I have designed and laid out remarkable number of manuals for different devices and systems. I also have experience about magazine layout.

User interface design

I’ve designed several control panels and display graphics for different system’s user interfaces. In principle, all web pages and web stores have essential user interfaces that belong to people’s everyday life. Anyway, in here I represent only the references I’ve designed for separate apps and systems.


Marketing needs not only media with graphics, but also contents. Photos are essential part of visual layouts everywhere. We can use customer’s photos, buy commercial images or take photos ourselves. If needed, I’m happy to make image manipulations with photoshop.

  • Company premises; Fasade, indoor images, aerial drone images etc.
  • Personnel; person in charge, images for contact pages, documentation etc.
  • Products; product images for marketing needs and documentation.
  • Services; what you do? Tell it with images. Professionals in action -images tell more than thousand words.

Me as a person



As a child I loved driving any motored vehicle. So I had a bike right at the age of 16. The realities of life cut off biking for over 20 years, but Highway is hot again!


”In sauna I relax as well physically as mentally. The chatty atmosphere of sauna easily creates a mind of reconciliation. Living without sauna sounds impossible to me.”

I have nothing to add to these words of Urho Kekkonen.

Contact me

Tel. 040 500 3726